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Email Marketing | Sales Dynamics

Staying in Touch

How do you keep in regular contact with your customers?

How relevant is the email you are sending out - will it be read and responded to - or will it just be ignored and binned?

Many organisations think that if they are using a Customer Relationship Managment tool all they need to do is send out regular emails and they are "doing" CRM. When we talk about email marketing "quality in - quality out" is very relevant. Just think about how Supermarkets use the information collected on your Storecard to create more sales opportunities. It's so much easier to make a sale if you already know what your customer wants to buy and how much they want to spend.

Keep in Focus

Sales Dynamics designs a process to ensure that the correct data is collected and then will work with you to create a targeted and focused emarketing campaign. The more you know your customers and prospects the easier it is to know what you need to tell them and, more crucially, how you tell them. However, it doesn't stop there. This is where the most underused action is required - The Follow Up! For example, when analysing one company it was discovered that 1,600 sales opportunities were missed as a result of just not doing the follow up. What could that mean to your company in lost sales? Within our systems Follow-Ups can be managed, monitored, evaluated and reported.

E-mail marketing is not just about direct sales. It is an opportunity to inform, educate and just stay in touch, maintaining customer loyalty. If you are not talking to your customers your competitors will be!

The First Step

So next time you are thinking of sending an e-shot out to your customers speak with Sales Dynamics first.