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About Sales Dynamics | Sales Dynamics

Working with Sales Dynamics

Are you looking for a company to work with that really cares for your business?

Sales Dynamics is not a "plug and play" business. In our experience the best results are those that are based on business vision and goals. If you know where you are going you just need to map out the route. Our past experience of working with companies has modelled how we work today.

Mark Liversidge, Founder of Sales Dynamics, has worked his way up through the motor trade and learnt his foundation sales techniques developing successful sales teams in one of the most competitive industries. Mark, also known as "The ACT Man", has introduced many businesses to utilising technology into their companies in the most informative way. Sales Dynamics customers don't just know how to use the technology, they also know why. The Sales Dynamics magic is that we listen to you! We don't just dive in with a widget or a training course, we make sure that your investment is "fit for purpose", even if, at the beginning, the purpose wasn't clearly defined!

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50% People

Focus on your people and the success will follow.

With Sales Dynamics attention on listening to you and your staff from the very beginning will highlight any issues that may hinder the development and progress of your company. Using our Coaching and Mentoring approach you staff will be "onside" and will understand the part they play within your company. You will be able to measure performance and success and, therefore, be able to pick up and remedy "weak links". One key aspect within a Sales Team is how they are remunerated. Sales Dynamics will work with you to develop the right reward system for your team.

30% Policies and Procedures

Have your Policies and Procedures grown with your business?

The original policies and procedures may need to change as your business changes and grows. The Sales Dynamics Process starts with a review of your policies and procedures as these are the building bricks of any business. With a strong foundation in place the business will be more efficient and ready for growth.

20% Software

Have you ever invested in software that just doesn't deliver?

Make the software work for your company rather than make your company fit the software. Sales Dynamics will work with you to select the right software for your company. Once it has been selected we will then work with you to make sure the software delivers and everyone knows how to use it.

When you work with Sales Dynamics your company will get the full 100% solution focusing on your people, your sales and software. With Sales Dynamics it's not about getting one part working it's about getting all the cogs of your business working together with a purpose.

About Sales Dynamics | Sales Dynamics