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Mark Liversidge

Mark Liversidge | ACL Finance Group

Introducing Mark Liversidge

Mark Liversidge, Founder of Sales Dynamics, worked his way up through the motor trade and learnt his foundation sales techniques developing successful sales teams in one of the most competitive industries. Mark, also known as "The Act! Man", has introduced many businesses to utilising technology into their companies in the most informative way. Sales Dynamics customers don't just know how to use the technology, they also know why. The Sales Dynamics magic is that we listen to you! We don't just dive in with a widget or course, we make sure that your investment is "fit for purpose", even if, at the beginning, the purpose wasn't clearly defined!

In the Beginning!

The Motor Trade gave Mark a good introduction to sales, moving from the showroom and forecourt and then out onto the road. Being on the road is a tough place to learn. Yes, you get the nice car, a posh laptop, glossy brochures and business cards, but the one thing that you don't get is customers. You have to find the customers yourself.  So Mark was out on the road with targets to be met and customers to be found.

Mark soon learned that Sales is the lifeblood of any business and if you don't talk to anyone or generate any activity, there will be no sales.  No sales equals no (or very little) income.

Today and Tomorrow

Launching his first business in 2002, Mark has worked with a broad range of business sectors sharing his knowledge and experience in the most generous way. People are crucial to the success of a business and Mark will tell it how it is. His refreshingly honest, open approach will add value to your business.

Moving forward, technology is becoming increasingly relevant for business and Mark has taken the time to find out which technologies benefit which processes. His knowledge of remote working (field workers and sales teams) means he can suggest tools to improve the communication your remote workers have with customers and also back at base. Basically you can leave it all to Mark - from first discussion through to implementation and continuing to ongoing delivery.

Experience Sales Dynamics

Mark is a great example of "practice what you preach". If you have an appointment with Mark he will phone up the day before to confirm and he will also do the follow up after he has met with you. Meet up with Mark and experience the Sales Dynamics approach.